Saturday, March 15, 2014

Galaxy S5

Its been out now for a couple weeks, Samsung is continuing their annual release of their flagship S line. It was in Madrid that this happened, and the S5 is the newest product they have. At this point, as far as total specifications go, Samsung now has the best phone on the market. Samsung had a lot of hype for this phone, and much of it lives up, but there are some places I see some issues.

The specifications on the S5 are amazing to say the least. 2.5GHz processor to start with, which now tops the market for the fastest in any phone. 2GB of RAm and a 16MP camera as well, both of which are stellar in the phone market. The operating system comes with the standard array of exclusive Samsung apps, which offer great deals and allow integration with other Samsung devices, such as their TVs or one of the smartwatches they have (they released 3 new smartwatches at the sime time as the S5).

Now for my hating on this phone. First off, I don't like the casing. I've never been a fan of Samsung's plastic casing, but the S5 has little divots in the back, and I cannot stand to look at it. It looks almost the opposite of high-tech, on a device that is supposed to embody that ideal. Of course, you can fix this by putting a case on. Second thing I am going to detract on also is a legacy, and that is Samsung's custom launcher. You can also solve this problem by installing your own launcher like the case solution for the back. I have never liked the stock Samsung launcher, I find it too slow and simply laid out. That may not be very clear, but the bottom line is that I personally just don't like its feel when compared with other android devices.

The S5 is ushering in a new wave of phones, and it is an exciting time. Processing is getting faster, as we just broke the 2GHz level in the G2 a few months ago, and have now broken 2.5GHz (even though the full capacity is rarely used on a mobile device right now). I think the S5 is, as always, the first phone in the year's new line-up that promises to be quite a step forward.

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