Saturday, March 22, 2014


I'm writing from California tonight, where I plan on going to college, and walked through Rodeo Drive, and saw the Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and the Maseratis. Of all these expensive cars, only one brand is completely electric, and that is Tesla, manufacturer of the Roadster, Model S, and is coming out with the Model X soon. Now these cars are electric, and incredibly expensive, think upwards of $65,000. My driver's ed teacher explained to my class that it was basically a "Prius on steroids" when I brought in an article on the Model S for an assignment. Tesla has had a pretty cool history, and they have an even better future set up.

Tesla was created in 2003, and had the Roadster as its only car. The roadster was a luxury sports car design that, of course, ran fully off of electricity. The company, interestingly enough, did not post profits for 10 years, finally achieving actual financial success in the first quarter of 2013. Elon Musk, of who I am a big fan and wrote another blog about earlier, is the current CEO of the company ad was one of the main proponents of the Model S. The Model S costs about $70,000 and is a luxury sedan. The genius of this car is that it can garner a wider customer base, so when it was introduced,it was much more popular than the Roadster. The cost and the style of the car are both much more suited to business than the Roadster, allowing the profits that finally came in 2013. Tesla is now arguably the leader in electric automotive technology, and has quite a future ahead of it.

Tesla is poised to go places with the leadership of Elon Musk. One thing he really believes in is their superchargers which can fully charge the car for over 200 miles in a little over an hour. He actually wanted to drive across the nation using only superchargers, so the 85 they currently have built are built in a line across the nation, which will be awesome if Musk ever carries it out. The second most promising part of Tesla's future is their upcoming Model X. This is going to be a crossover vehicle, widening the customer base even more to appeal to those who have Range Rovers or Porsche SUVs currently. In the future, I see Tesla being a very dominant brand throughout the motor world, its already pioneering the future of what all cars will be soon. 've loved this company ever since I saw my first Roadster at my apartment in Washington DC 3 years ago. They've come a long way since that time, and will only continue to improve themselves.

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