Monday, September 30, 2013

iOS vs. Android

As many of you probably know, the battle between the two major operating systems for mobile devices has been raging on since their creation. Each one boasts a series of unique benefits that could lead you to choose it. The question is: Is there really a better option? Well to start off I'll say that I'm a bit of a hypocrite. I am a big fan of Android but I currently have am iPhone running iOS. Luckily though I will be switching over soon so my morals will be all straightened out.

Comparing the two operating systems there's one thing that stands out the most; iOS just feels better, it is more fluid, more intuitive.Everything is easier to do on iOS which is the reason I got my iPhone. The unfortunate thing is that with this ease it becomes harder to do things that are outside the box. Say for example you want to change the color of your keyboard. Anybody with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad will indefinitely tell you that they either did not know it was possible, or that it took a little bit (okay, a lot) of searching. On Android, there are several free apps that directly edit your keyboard that are easy to find. The reason for this is that Android is based on Linux, which I talked about in my last post, and iOS is based on Unix. These are basically the same, but Unix is less open making it harder to change things, and that's something that's really important if you're a nerd like me.

 As far as apps go on the two systems, they have about the same apps, but another differences lie in the hardware. Going to any phone store and looking at the tags, it is apparent that Android far outnumbers iOS in the number of phones. Android is used on almost every smartphone maker's models whereas iOS is only on, of course, the iPhone. So most likely, if you're going for cost-effectiveness or for a better made phone, you'll be looking at a pool of Androids. Plus if you're an environmentalist, you might just want to stay away from Apple products...The reason for the large number of Android phones is that the maker of the Android operating system, Google, gives it out for free which is a pretty attractive prospect for phone manufacturers.

 Overall, I like Android better because you can actually do more. You're not stuck in the boundaries of the system but can change how everything looks and operates, basically you can do two things: make it look cooler and be more efficient. With the millions of iOS owners around the world, its clear that not everyone agrees with my views on phones, but I've done my best to lay out for you why my way is definitely the right one.

        S4 Android: Arguably the most technologically                 advanced phone in history

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