Saturday, September 21, 2013

Windows 8 and 8.1

Hello everybody! On this post I will be discussing my views on the Windows Operating System for computers. Windows was created by Microsoft and specifically Bill Gates. This is the operating system that many people have grown up using on their computers and is a sign of the technological might of America. As some may know, in my opinion the current windows, Windows 8, is a terrible form of Windows. I think it stifles the speed and efficiency that consumers have looked for in personal computers since their creation. The tiles on the home screen are inconvenient and the Windows app store is severely limited in the number of apps it has available. There is also no start button on the traditional desktop feature, an issue that you would not find too daunting until you try and operate a computer and figure out it was an easy way to get around. There is a lot of speculation as to why Windows 8 is so bad but my opinion is that it was just released too early. Things didn’t stay in testing for long enough so nobody really knew there would be any problems. There also was not enough time for development of apps in the app store. This feature of Windows was previously only available on their phones, and the phone apps are different than the apps you’d use for a desktop. Therefore, developers didn’t have a ton of time to develop good apps for this market. Despite the flaws of the original Windows 8, there is hope on the horizon though, Windows 8.1. I’ve been hoping for this update since I first heard about it. This update is rumored to fix many of the problems that Windows 8 had, and thank goodness for it too. With the right add-ons to the current version Windows 8.1 could help restore my faith in Microsoft. The Windows 8.1 update is supposed to make the tiles more manageable, give better customization, improve the apps available, and a new start button. The combination of the features in the 8.1 update will hopefully combine to create a faster and better computer for everybody. The official release date for this is October 17th, and this date cannot come close enough for me. I hope you weren't too bored by this somewhat dry topic on features that nobody really notices, but I hope it can add some insight and help into your own experience working with computers.

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