Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Internship

Last week I finally got the time to watch The Internship after being addicted to Breaking Bad and Sherlock for a couple months. It seemed appropriate, because I'm obsessed with Google and I like the Owen Wilson/ Vince Vaughn combo. Now this is the first time I've tried doing a movie review, so it could be stellar, or more likely just plain bad, but bear with me and I promise I will get better.

The premise of the movie was, to me, the best part. The idea of competing in an internship that few have even dreamed of is a fresh idea. Sure, there are plenty of the "guys are out of work and go through a comedy to find new work", but to use Google was brilliant. When you think of the awe that surrounds working at the company, with free food, personal gyms and trainers, and optional nap time, people's interests are piqued. The one thing about this movie is that it makes Google look really good. Like REALLY good. Two top comedians exploring every part of Google's exciting campus. My dad wondered how much Google paid for this. I was pretty sure Google wouldn't pay for publicity like this, especially after Kit-Kat was a mutual agreement between the two companies, but I had to admit, it looked fishy. After a little research though, I found that it was actually Vince Vaughn who pitched the idea to Google, and that Google just gave them a lot of free stuff, but not necessarily much money directly.

The actual story line is a bit.... odd I guess. It seems to me like they tried too hard to pound the aspects of Google into the audiences faces. Pretty much every scene is shot in a different part of the Googleplex, no repeats, and even in the sensitive parts of the movie, they always have to be showcasing another thing on the campus. I don't necessarily have problem with this in itself, the more Google the better I say, but for a movie, I don't think that was the smartest move. At some points the two top comedians were overshadowed by their surroundings. The audience is sitting there admiring some piece of Google and not fully paying attention to the jokes. To be fair, I usually caught all the jokes because I was already pretty familiar with Google as a company, and it was a very enjoyable movie.

Overall, despite it flaws, I was very satisfied with The Internship. I would recommend seeing it to anybody, unless, of course, you've already seen it like millions of people. It really is a unique look at Google and their amazing company, and the talent that they garner from around the world. You'll see the geniuses just trying to make it, and learning all the while what makes the feeling of Googliness.

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