Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spotify Trumps All

Music listeners over the years have satisfied their urges in several ways. It started out with physical pieces such as records, CDs, and cassette tapes. These were easily carried around and usually had the whole album of one artist on it. From here music went online, and you could buy any single song you wanted to. The most prevalent example of this was with iTunes and the huge business they created with iPods. Going even a step further is internet radios, which are like regular radios except that it is based on the user. The person can choose a genre or artist, much like a radio and stations, but can constantly change it ever so slightly to be exactly what the user wants. There are many of these services out there who all claim to be the best. My choice is Spotify because of the features, ease of use, and accuracy.

Spotify is unique because it has more features, especially when comparing the free versions, than any other service. On mobile, you can listen to the genre, song, or artist specific radio, not all that different from other competitors such as Pandora. Where it does beat everyone out with features is in the tablet and desktop versions. There you can do exactly what you do on mobile, and you can also play any song on demand. So if you hear, for example, Wrecking Ball and decide you want to listen to the whole thing, you can play it right off of Spotify without having to download it or go on YouTube. This is a very convenient aspect that neither 8tracks, Pandora, or Beats Music have.

Ease of use is another reason why Spotify is the best music service available. Compared especially to its biggest rival Pandora, Spotify has significantly fewer ads. Ads come up every so often as a way for the company to make money off of the listeners who aren't paying for monthly service. On Spotify, I have found that there is a surprising lack of them. This lack of ads is really nice, because there's nothing more annoying than listening to a great song, especially one that's peaceful, and then have some Hillbilly screaming at you about Pat McGrath Chevyland. The lack of ads may only be rivaled by 8tracks, but with 8tracks you only have set playlists, whereas Spotify never ends their playlists and songs are very rarely repeated.
The accuracy of the music on Spotify is "spot" on (that was a terrible play on words). When you like or dislike a song, I genuinely feel like they take that into consideration in their algorithm. I've tailored my stations very well, and I've never had a song repeated, they just keep getting closer to what I like. Compare that with Pandora again, and I've had tons of repeats there. I've also disliked a song then the next song will be the same style which I just said I didn't like. As for Beats Music on this issue, I have not used it enough to know how well it performs this task. 8tracks doesn't take input, you choose, so that's one idea, but as I said before, playlists are limited and not endless there.

Like playlists on a lot of these services, the options are almost endless for how you want to play your music. The most recent though, internet radio, has only one truly good option in my opinion. Spotify is the one to download, and if you're a die-hard Pandora fan like I was a few months ago, just try it, I promise you'll like it better.


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