Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tracking Your Fitness

There has been an explosion in the linkage of fitness and technology in the world, with many people believing that an easier linkage between body and computer will motivate them to workout more. I'll just take a moment to point out the irony that making fitness tracking lazier is supposed to get you to be less lazy. Anyway, with this explosion there has inevitably been some competition and different models. The top ones are the FitBit, the Jawbone Up, and the Nike FuelBand SE.

Of these, to start off with price, the Fitbit comes in at $129.99 and the other two at $149.99. This makes the Fitbit initially more attractive, as everybody always wants to save a few bucks. In another plus for Fitbit, only the Fitbit and Nike FuelBand have actual displays on them. This allows you to see some of your stats like calories burned and pace on a run easier. All of these fitness trackers allow you to track distance traveled, sleep, pace. In all honesty they're really nifty devices to have, especially if you're trying to get more healthy initially. What I've found is that tracking yourself and seeing your progress and pitfalls helps motivate you to continue to be active, and these trackers will achieve that purpose.

I was thinking about buying one of these, and if I do its very likely I'll go with the FitBit. These trackers have added a convenience to tracking workouts and health that is hard to do in the busy world we live in, where to even work out in the first place is a bit of a challenge. I am also interested with this technology, like others, because it has a long ways to go from here. There could be a point where it tracks strength workouts and respiration rates. It could get really immersive, and for me, that would make it even more worthwhile than the current models.

To buy:
Fitbit Force
Jawbone Up
Nike FuelBand SE

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