Friday, May 9, 2014

Why I Don't Regret My Computer in the Slightest

I've had my computer that I built for over a month now, enough time I think to determine my opinions and whether I think it was worth it. In short, it most certainly was. I spent a lot of money on it, about $900 total, and a little money on games as well, and I don't think I've made a better purchasing decision. This computer is able to do anything I want it to at any time, I can relax, and more importantly, I can work at a high level.
The first thing that I like to do with my computer is to relax. There's the obvious stuff like Netflix and Youtube that run on any computer, which I utilize quite often. Then there's the gaming. I went with a pretty high end graphics card that costed about $270. Extreme Tech confirms that in addition to the graphics card I bought, a self-built computer generally runs better, especially for gaming. I have played about 8 hours of  Bioshock Infinite, which is a very fun game with a sophisticated plot line that makes it much more interesting than just your normal shooter. I have also been playing the ever-addictive Civilization V and  am just starting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I haven't had a lot of time lately with AP tests, but when I have a chance I enjoy playing all of these games, although at this point I am way out of my league in Counter-Strike. I haven't played FPS games for months and I'm new to the whole series, so it puts me at major odds to the veterans of the game, which will hopefully change with time. To relax I am also much more comfortable just when surfing the web for interesting things. The speed I have in y computer is very convenient, especially compared to my old laptop. That was pretty slow and had a small screen, making everything much harder to do. The most amazing thing to me was that I didn't even notice how restricted I felt by that laptop. I feel this weird feeling of power with my own powerful desktop.
Bioshock Infinite
The other part of my desktop is the working. I alluded to this a little in the last paragraph, but I feel much more exploratory with my desktop. I am much more empowered I feel to code and learn more code to further prepare for my career. It has also helped my preparation for AP as well. I can easily check the College Board website, fill out practice tests, and read the sample essays from years past. This sounds a little weird, but I also feel more confident going into important academic situations, like I built a computer, I can handle this! Weird feeling, especially considering its not much of an accomplishment. In addition to hardcore learning it is great for casual nightly homework. Having a powerful computer means I can easily multitask, which is sometimes bad if my mind wanders and I get too involved in one topic. I do like how I can play music, have multiple Chrome tabs up, download music, monitor game forums, check e-mail, and write documents all at the same time without having to load each one separately each time I switch. Its a great feeling to have so much running and to have your computer be able to handle it.

Building a computer was a step in my technological interest that I thought could be one I really regretted. After enough time to figure it out for sure, I do not at all, I love the ability it has granted to me to be able to function at a higher level and to finally have a computer that works much faster and almost on pace with what my brain is thinking. So I'll end this by reiterating what I said in an earlier post, which is that everyone should build a computer sometime in their loves. I may never buy a desktop again!