Thursday, October 31, 2013


One of my favorite companies to watch, as my numerous posts about their products probably suggests, is Google. I am a huge fan of the company and some of the work they're doing, not just in the technology world, but in all parts of the world. In addition to making some of the most advanced software and hardware available on the market today. Google has gone into projects to help third world countries and just to improve the quality of living.

First I'll start out with a brief overview of Google's products, since I have either written about them before or will write about them soon. They're software is mainly enveloped in their Android and Chrome operating systems that are avaiable on computers and mobile devices. Then there's obviously the web-based services such as their world-renowned search engine, cloud service (Drive), navigation (Maps), etc. not to mention YouTube that they now own. Then there's the hardware. Google owns Motorola, so the Razr, Moto X, Droid, etc. are all theirs. They've also got a few little pieces of hardware out right now such as Chromecast, which turns your TV into a Smart TV.

Now for the more varied and odd parts of Google. First off is an interesting project they have right now called Project Loon. Project Loon is attempting to provide third world countries with wireless internet by setting up balloons that give access. This is pretty wild and pretty useful since internet can often solve questions, make money, and otherwise help people out. For a more odd project, Google has engaged in Project Calico which was initiated by one of its founders, Larry Page. Project Calico's short term goal is attempting to cure the world's major diseases and the ultimate goal is to eliminate death by natural causes from the world. Of course, that raises a bunch of issues about morals, but who cares, if we live forever, we've got time to argue that!

Google is an amazing company that has defied the capitalist rationale to engage in products that don't promise them any capital. Don't mistake me though, they're racking up money from many of their different ventures. I always look with anticipation towards anything Google comes out with, and I hope you'll pursue a more varied education of the company and share my passion

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