Sunday, October 27, 2013


The purpose of this post is to help people out if you are making a decision about a computer to buy. One of the biggest parts of computers is the processor. The processor is basically the component of the computer that determines the speed of the machine, so for example if you were playing a graphically intensive game of doing high quality video editing you'd want a fast processor. Seems simple enough, right? Well where that gets a little jumbled up is with the plethora of processors available in computers out there. I hope that by the end of this post I will have given you at least some guidance on what to get.

First of all there are two companies you'll notice that are selling processors in computers. These two companies are the well-known Intel, and the lesser known AMD. Although you can compare the two companies and you can find processors with the same stats, the Intel one will invariably cost more. Many wonder why that is, are AMD processors pieces of crap? The answer is not exactly. First of all you've got to think of the two companies in terms of cars. Intel is like a European sports car company, it makes a product that functions the same as any other car, but has a few more functional features so you pay more than it. AMD is like a domestic car company, it does the same exact thing as the foreign car, with a little less shine so you pay less. Basically Intel is a little more reliable and functions a little better, so like a foreign sports car, you pay more. All in all though I would recommend going with an AMD as the difference is not huge, but the prices definitely are.

Next I'll go into the speed a little. Basically there are three tiers of speed that you will fall in to. The below 2 GHz, 2-3.5 GHz, and above 3.5GHZ. To put it simply, the less GHZ you see the slower the computer. Below 2 GHz would be fine if you are looking just at the basic functions of a computer such as low-level internet surfing, word processing, etc. The 2-3.5 GHz is more likely to be where you would fall into. Tis category is for those who use basic functions and watch YouTube videos, edit low-quality video perhaps, do presentations, etc. Finally the above 3.5 GHz is for those who edit high-quality video, program, game, anything like that. This category comes into trouble when you ask, how far over 3.5? The simple question for this post is that if you need that, you probably know exactly what you need as you are computer-literate enough and know enough about this already.

Processors are an extremely important part of the computer, and many people often mis-buy for what they are using their computer for. I hope that through reading this post, you are able to make a smarter decision on which processor to buy, and not to say I'll give you the exact recommendation, but comment if you need help deciding the exact speed. Hope you enjoyed the post!

A couple pictures only nerds will probably understand, so feel good if you don't get them


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