Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Rising Star of Samsung

I’m sure that everyone who will read this has probably heard about Samsung. Over the last 10 years Samsung has grown exponentially in their market share of the electronics industry. Many are familiar with their Galaxy smartphone line and their Smart TV’s, but what you may not know is where did they come from, and what has enabled them to get as far as they did. If you guessed that Samsung started out in electronics, you are dead wrong. Samsung started out in the 1930s as a fish company, and in the 50s grew into textiles and life insurance. The Samsung we now know was the product of a decision to switch to electronics. Samsung started out with TVs, then moved to refrigerators, computers, computer parts, smartphones, cameras… long story short there are almost nothing that uses electricity that Samsung doesn’t make. But how did they get this good at what they do? The first one is that Samsung products are very reliable. This is what drives many consumers in their direction. The reason for this reliability and also another reason why they sell so much is that they make most of their own parts. This both drives cost down and helps the computer work well. Having parts from the same company is like having a bike with parts that are made from the same company. If you have a bike and the wheels, frame, and cables are all made from a different company they might not have the exact measurements for your particular bike, making it work just a little worse. Samsung has also been smart by incorporating products they’ve already built into their new products. For example, next time you look at a Samsung product look at the screen and compare it to another. Samsung generally has very good screens due to their manufacturing of TVs, an advantage that companies like Asus or Lenovo don’t have.  All in all if you are looking at buying any electronics, Samsung is a good option. Although they’re relatively new to markets such as personal computers or cameras, Samsung tends to go all-out in a new product. Just about everything they make is a reliable, cheap, and high performance product. And to think, this top-level computer company started out as a fish company, who would’ve thought of that?

        Samsung's Smart TV

    The new internet-connected Samsung Camera

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