Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Mobile Gaming Dynasty

Many people nowadays have smartphones... or tablets... or computers... or iPods.... or whatever else that can play games. If you've ever owned any of the above stated devices, or even if you haven't, you've almost undoubtedly heard of Angry Birds.Angry Birds, to explain it really briefly, is a game where you fling birds at pigs. Weird concept, right? Well that weird concept that seems like it takes just a tired and oddball mind to think of has been transformed into an app that has made over a billion dollars, and in this post I am going to tell you how.

First of all I would like to go on a bit of a rant about the nature of the world. The initial game of Angry Birds stayed the top or one of the top apps for years. That's right, multiple years this one game has dominated the mobile gaming charts with tons of downloads. Second, there are other Angry Birds games released, such as a Rio theme, or a Star Wars theme, and those have sold almost as much!! They're the same exact game with a few minor changes!! Does nobody get that they continue to fund a company that is just releasing different versions of the same game!!

Anyway after that I'll go into a more professional discussion of Angry Birds. The game was created brilliantly in an addictive format that hoked people into a relatively simple game, and then charged most of them a dollar for it. The successive games were met with much the same success as the first allowing he company to alter very few things and make even more money, Then Rovio (the company that makes the game) moved into different kinds of games based off of it such as a game called Bad Piggies. Once again Rovio found a way to make more money off of the Angry Birds franchise! Then they introduced in-app purchases that could help you beat levels easier, nd guess what that did? That's right, made Rovio more money. Not to mention, of course, the plush dolls, pencils,and other merchandise sold.

So basically the money that Rovio has made in the last few years all has been based on the hype placed around a singlegame, and I'd say if there was ever a company that was hitting top marks in life, it would be them. Everybody in the tech world and outside can only dream of having a franchise multiply from a single game like this one did, and make it profitable beyond what many would have guessed possible.

Just a fraction of Angry Birds merchandise


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