Friday, December 13, 2013

Choosing Browsers

Browsers are a big topic in technology, with patches and updates rolling out constantly. There are definitely a slew to choose from, each claiming a top spot and saying that they have the best features, the fastest results, and the smallest start up time. There are some big dogs in the browser game, but there are also some smaller ones that are actually pretty decent. In my opinion, this is the order of browsers from most to least "best":

1. Google Chrome
2. Mozilla Firefox
3. Opera
4. Safari
5. Internet Explorer (who would've guessed)

Now the reason I like Google Chrome so much is pretty deep-rooted. Out of all the browsers I've personally used in great detail (everything except Opera), Chrome starts up and goes to the homepage faster. This could be because the Google Homepage isn't cluttered by Flash and widgets that you have to load. I find boot up time stellar and am always impressed by the speed I get opening and then using the browser. Another reason I like Chrome is because it has web apps. These web apps, granted, are not extremely varied or useful right now, but I constantly use some. The Hola Unblocker extension to translate pages to what you see in different countries is stellar. So is the Google Mail Checker. I use Google Keep to write quick notes and occasionally play Angry Birds on that app. Other browsers don't have anything that comes even close to that kind of support for third-party software directly accessible to the user. Plus, as an added benefit, Chrome looks pretty sweet and is easily customizable and works amazingly with a Google account.

Now for why I would discourage the use of other browsers. Firefox is respectable, and easily clinches the number 2 spot. The only argument I have against it is that it doesn't have a lot of the features, especially full integration with a Google account, that makes Chrome so user-friendly. I enjoy Chrome remembering some of the less-personal information I have so that when filling out a shipping form all I have to do is hit auto-fill. Opera is the only browser that I haven't used. This is going completely off of what I've been told, and I have been told it is great, especially for the small number of users. I'd say use it if you want a little less feature-packed browser that still has some great quality to it. Safari I would only recommend for the iPad. Not the iPhone, not the iPod, not the Mac, the iPAD. This is because of the feature reading list and Reader. Reading list is great for if you don't have time to read something and want to get to it later. Reader is extremely useful, but I've found really only on the iPad, although it is possible to do it on all Safari versions. It basically allows you to get the text only, not the advertisements, not the logos, just what you actually want to look at. That is the only reason I like Safari, in every other way it is painfully sub par. Now for Internet Explorer.... never mind that's not even worth it to explain everything I hate, just please do not use it!

Browsers are a topic of the internet that some people could take or leave. For me, browser is very important because I spend a lot of time on the internet and I want every moment of it to be as good as it can get. The several browsers I have recommended here should help your own browsing experience, or I hope it will, as long as you just stay away from Internet Explorer, please!

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