Sunday, December 8, 2013

iPad Mini with Retina Display Review

Recently I've gotten a lot of new technology. Though it's cost me quite a bit of money, technology is about all I buy, so it's alright. The latest piece of technology I got was an iPad Mini with Retina Display for my family to share. Here I'll be giving my opinion of everything that is popular about the iPad and if I think it's a good buy.

The first thing I'll talk about it the retina display, a big feature in the new iPad. I've got to admit that it's pretty great. Everything is crisp and clear and the one game I've downloaded looks great. I have to admit though, I don't really notice that noticeable of a difference between the iPad and the accelerated graphics on my Moto X, though I'm not using my phone for the same things as I'm using the iPad. The second thing is the processors in the iPad. It's supposed to be 4 times faster than the old processors, but I'm a little dubious. When I played the game Minion Rush (it's a fun game and is not childish) I saw some significant lag starting off. Granted, it is a graphic intensive game, but the graphic card here is supposed to be 8 times better, and mixed with the processor should not have any problems.

Now disregarding fun and games I've found the iPad to be a lot more useful than I thought it would be. In fact, I'm writing this blog on the Blogger app. Although it's doing fine, I have to go in with a PC to add pictures and links which are tricky to add in on the iPad. Apple's iWork comes free with the device, which I've found to be surprisingly useful and I'm going to see if I can't writes. Term paper or something just to test  it out. After productivity, I also find that it's great for movies. Netflix is great because when I'm in bed or chilling on the couch watching Breaking Bad which nobody else in my family wants to watch, I can just go on the iPad. The sceen is ideal mostly just because of its size. It beats the pants off my phone, which even with its big screen for a phone, is a little awkward to watch netflix on for an hours-long Breaking Bad binge.

After I've gone over everything I think of the iPad, I'd say its a good buy. There are a lot of functions that you can do on your phone, but on a smaller screen it's not as good of an experience. The $399 price tag will probably scare a lot of people and it's understandable, but if you are looking for a fun and surprisingly useful new toy, I would recommend this as a top tablet in the running this holiday season.

The iWork suite, one of the most surprisingly useful free software packages I've seen

One of my worst habits is all the better on the iPad mini

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