Sunday, December 22, 2013

Macs vs. PCs, Basic Differences

There has been an age old debate over Mac and Windows for computers. As many probably know, these are two different versions of operating systems that have gripped the world and has created a division between computer fanatics over which one is better. Many people gravitate towards Mac, because its more expensive, so it has to be better, right? I used to be a Mac guy and now I'm a PC guy, but that's all based on what I use computers for, so these factors should help you determine which operating system is right for you.

Starting out with Mac, the operating system is much like iOS on their tablets and phones, and is also based on what is called a Unix platform. To a potential computer buyer this just means that there are less viruses as Unix is a little bit more secure platform. Mac also operates with some exclusive Apple software, such as the iWork suite available on their tablets and FaceTime to communicate with other Apple devices. Apple also tends to have very good screens, a very big point with anybody into graphic design. Apple is a little more exclusive in some ways though. For one, Apple cannot play some video formats very easily. Take for example Flash extensions, which is actually a good thing to block in most cases, unless you are genuinely interested in that advertisement. Aside from those little bits, hardware is about the same for options along the two operating systems.

Now windows is to Mac what Android is to iOS. Sometimes I like to think of Android and Windows as the "hipster" of technology (lame, I know). Not many people really want these devices with the aura that Apple has built up around their products, but it is very compelling. Like Android, on Windows you can do more, but sometimes its a little harder to operate for easy stuff. For example, on Mac you can simply speak things into your computer to schedule them on your calender, whereas you'd need to download some software for that on Windows. On Windows though, you can run third party software easier to say create apps using an edited software to make it easier.

All in all it depends on who you are while making the decision between Windows or Mac. Windows tends to be more for people who are adventurous or don't want to spend too much money (Windows comes on cheap computers as well as wildly expensive ones). Mac meanwhile is more for those who want ease of use for the basics. I always recommend Mac to anybody who just wants e-mail, durability, or graphic design kid of thing. I recommend Windows to those who don't want to pay Apple premiums or those who are looking to go a little out of bounds when operating their computer.

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