Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moto X Review

So it finally happened, I made the switch from iPhone to Android when my Motorola Moto X arrived 2 weeks ago. Despite a little frustration switching between carriers, the switch was actually easier than I expected it to be. I also love the phone, which was another concern since I've been an iOS user for so long. Here I'm going to go over some of the things I love about the phone and some of my experience in switching.

So the phone is great. If you understand hardware specs, it has 2GB RAM and a dual-core, 1.7GhZ processor, good, but not as great as something like the LG G2 though. I've found that the small lack in processor speed has not affected me at all. Realistically I only do texting, social media, and some mobile games on it, so its not like I need a heavy processor to compile code. The back of the phone is great, its rubberized so that it doesn't slip from my hand. The screen, though only 720p, is accelerated so that I haven't seen any difference between it and other phones. The active display, where it only shows me the notifications when I pick the phone up, are stellar. I hate to say it, but its most useful when I get a text in class. Instead of the full screen which gives light and requires me pushing the lock button, I can slip the phone out of my pocket, see the text, and put it away with minimal interruption. The software is wonderful and provides everything I've ever wanted, I can even play Pokémon on my phone (something I've been doing a little too much of). All in all the phone is great, efficient, and way better than my iPhone.

The transition from my old iPhone was interesting. The hardest thing was probably my music. I'm a big music guy, so having my whole library intact, including album covers, was very important. The Play Music Manager actually made it pretty easy, though it was a little spotty on small pieces of information on several songs. Another hurdle for me was with iMessage. I still don't know what's going on, but somehow my friends' iPhones are still trying to send me iMessages. For the most part its fixed, but it still has problems despite a complete disconnection from my iMessage account. The third big hurdle I had was just logistical, my pictures. Since I don't go for in-store activations, I had to transfer my pictures without a machine. This involved about 2 hours of Dropbox uploading the pictures from my iPhone, probably a message to me that I should upload more often. After those three problems, it was pretty easy sailing.

Many people have said that the switch from iOS to Android is challenging, and I will admit it took some time. It actually took quite a bit, but at least it wasn't hard, I found an easy solution and the program usually just ran on its own while I waited. Overall I love my Moto X and I'm extremely happy I made the switch. Goodbye forever Team iPhone, I am now an Android.

The Switch from iPhone 4S to Moto X

iOS is out Android is in

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