Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gaming Computers

                                                        (Above) Alienware Desktop
A few days ago I completed my computer build, coming in at a total of around $900 that I am using for schoolwork and gaming. Many people do not decide to build their own gaming computers though, and instead go with something already built by a gaming company. This solution saves a lot of possible stress of having a whole project in your hands, as does buying a console, but is it really worth it to do it this way and not satisfy your game craving a different way? Buying a pre-built gaming computer is not worth it because it is considerably more expensive than building your own and it is much harder to upgrade with many models.

Buying a pre-built gaming computer in lieu of a console or building your own racks up considerable costs that aren't necessary. Many companies that sell gaming computers sell at a huge overhead, especially the very popular Dell brand Alienware. Building your own computer or giving up the flexibility of a full-fledged computer for a console will save you a lot of money, as the starting price for an Alienware is about $600 for something that you could build for around $500 or you could get an Xbox One with a game for $500. This is about the same for every gaming company selling desktops, especially Razer's new modular one (although it is an amazing-looking model). If you're looking at gaming laptops though, in many cases it is a better choice than building your own computer or buying a console. A console is out of the running from the onset, because if you're buying a gaming laptop, you're buying it for the mobility every time. Then if you compare building your own laptop to something pre-built, it is usually a more viable option. The main reason is that it is really hard to build a laptop, and if you do they usually come with large cases because your hands don't have the accuracy of a factory machine. Many gaming laptops are very thin, because companies have the resources to make it that way. The thing you'll run into with a gaming laptop though is that they are incredibly expensive. You're going to be paying well over $1000 for something worth owning, with MSI and Razer laptops running at over $2000, and just think of the amazing gaming desktop you could build for that price!
                                                             (Below) Razer's Modular Computer

The second reason that pre-built gaming computers are not the way to go is because they are harder to upgrade. Gaming desktops usually are built in smaller cases than a mid or full ATX size which GeoData reports to be around 18 inches so its really hard to get around everything to upgrade it, though some, like iBuyPower, are actually full size and more easily upgraded. This is also the case with consoles, you are stuck with that hardware until the manufacturer comes out with a completely new model, and if something breaks, you can try to fix it, but you can't just replace a part as you can by building your own computer. Upgrading gaming laptops, forget about it completely. Now that they are usually coming less than an inch thick with very few case openings, I don't know any normal person on the planet who would have the expertise to do that.

Many people go and buy a pre-built gaming computer instead of buying the components and doing it themselves. There are companies out there that specialize in providing for these consumers, but it is not worth it. Buying a pre-built gaming computer is much more expensive and much harder to upgrade as opposed to building your own computer or playing on a console.

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