Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mobile Cases

A lot of times when I am working I get people who ask me what the best kind of mobile case is if you want to protect your phone or tablet. I will be comparing the three powerhouses in the heavy duty case realm, LifeProof, OtterBox, and Survivor. I personally have an OtterBox for my phone, but I would say that for overall protection, LifeProof is going to be the best option because of their extra features.

First I'll do a double review of OtterBox and Survivor. Both of these cases are rated at about 6' for both their tablet and phone cases, although as the video below will attest to, it can usually survive higher than that. Survivor, as expertreviews says, is about the same level of durabiltiy. These cases come with dual layers of plastic and rubber, which helps increase the force of the impact it can take on it. These cases are what I usually recommend to those who have young children who know how to control liquids and can avoid spilling on their device or if you are not planning on taking your phone out into potentially watery or sandy situations. I do this because for impact protection, I have not seen another company who does it better. If you just want to protect against banging up your phone or cracking the screen, these are the cases for you.
If you want all-around protection though, you want to go with LifeProof. LifeProof has a little less drop protection, usually about 4' for their device cases, but have the added ability of being completely dust and water resistant. Because people sometime give me incredulous and skeptical looks after I tell them that it is waterproof, I have included a short video below. Now LifeProof, like I said, is rated lower for shock resistance, and whereas Otterbox and Survivor low-ball their 6', I think that 4' for LifeProof is just about it though the different connections are the only real nuisance, as PC Mag says. I generally recommend it for the majority of people unless they are one of the two types of people I named above.
For durable cases, there are two realms you can choose from, OtterBox and Survivor for highly durable cases, or LifeProof for giving up durability while gaining the waterproof and dustproof capability. In my opinion, for all-around protection of your device, LifeProof is your best bet, and will keep your beloved piece of technology completely safe.

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