Saturday, April 19, 2014

Glass Revisited

After being sold to select test groups for over a year, 3 days ago Google Glass is being sold to the general public for the low low price of $1,500. I wrote a blog about this a few months ago and my general idea was that this could be an amazing piece of technology if they got a little more useful apps. Unfortunately, while some cool apps have been developed, nothing really uses Glass' full potential. I don't think that Glass will sell well at all because of its lack of development for its incredibly high price.

So maybe you're thinking about shelling out the $1,500 in order to be on the forefront of the "next big thing" in technology. To start off on dampening your spirit, you're not, there were people who had it over a year ago, so you would really just be the person who was willing to pay a lot for new technology. The second reason I would discourage you is because for the same price Google promised, they do not have the functionality that they promised. They do have the whole navigation, messaging, and sports help, but it's really not anything special, basically the same stuff you can get on your phone. The obvious advantage is that you can see it right in front of your eyes, but once again I wonder if it's really worth the $1,500. Then you've got the wider app market, and this includes really interesting apps. There's one that keeps track of your homework for you, you can play some games by tilting your head, or blinking your eyes, etc. Some apps are likely to spring up soon, especially as developers are getting exposed to a wider customer base, albeit not all that much of an increase considering the price of the device. Nobody's really going to get rich off of Glass apps so there's not going to be a whole lot of competition and innovation in the market.

So for the overall functionality in your life over the phone you probably already have, there is absolutely no justification for spending the outrageous $1,500. I would recommend buying a tablet, a computer, and a TV for the price you were planning to spend. Maybe in the next couple years as the price of the Glass is inevitably lowered and the amount of useful apps is inevitably increased, that is when I would recommend buying one. At this point, if you decide to buy one you won't get a whole lot of use out of it unless you enjoy getting curious looks from people on the street.

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