Thursday, February 6, 2014

An Iconic Brand: Vaio

The VAIO is a computer brand that many people have likely heard of in their lives. That company, until recently, was owned by Sony. Sony is the maker of such iconic devices like the PlayStation and their televisions. During Sony's ownership there have been some really great computers put out into the world.  Today I say goodbye to one leadership into what will surely be a new brand with the new leadership.

The history of the iconic VAIO brand is somewhat lackluster.  It started out as many other brands have. Created in 1998, VAIO was an acronym for Video Audio Integrated Operation, and changed to Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer for its 10 year anniversary. That part isn't too exciting. What is is the fact that there were some market frontrunners that came from this brand. They were famous for building reliable computers with some of the latest technology in them. In  a recent example they came out with a laptop tablet combo that incorporates some of the hardware you decided to give up with the first Dell and HP models. For example,  VAIO integrates i7 processors, where beforehand you could usually only find i5's at most in convertibles.

As far as the brand will now go, it is being sold to Japan Industrial Partners for a yet unspecified amount. Under a new company we will likely see brand changes, which, at least initially, will probably be bad. I don't  know  much about this new company but I'm going to assume they don't have the production power that  Sony has. Another possible problem is that they may not continue to sell in the US,  but that's not very likely. On the positive side, the new company will probably make VAIO cheaper, as they were more pricey under Sony.

Sony has decided that their PC brand is not of a much importance now. Representatives say they want to focus more on their mobile markets and grow those to be bigger. Regardless, they are passing on a great computer brand into new hands. Only time will tell if this was a good choice for the brand, in fact, one of my favorite brands out there.

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