Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chrome OS and Why its Probably Not a Good Decision

Over the last year Chrome OS has finally become a pretty big deal, after a relatively long period of relative inactivity. Until now it has been available only in the form of a Chromebook, but now that's all changing. There are some significant issues that I have seen right off the bat, and there will make or break the idea.

For basics, Chrome OS is an operating system that is based completely around the Chrome browser. To customize it, you look to the Chrome app store. This store is pretty limited, but at the same time incredibly diverse. Now looking at this basic model there are some things that could pop up that could be problematic. The first is that Chrome OS is literally what you get on any other computer by downloading the free Chrome browser. In that sense, I don't understand getting a $200+ Chromebook when you could pay the same price and get more functionality with a PC. On the flip side, those who want simplicity on their web-based computer needs would find this the perfect device. So on that point its a matter of opinion. My second problem with Chrome OS is that the hardware that run it doesn't tend to be very good. The existing Chromebooks are rocking really low-end Intel processors, pretty low amounts of RAM, and a very small hard drive.

Now on to why they might get better in the future. A few companies, HP, Samsung, and Asus, are making ChromeBoxes. These are basically desktops instead of laptops that have traditionally been carrying Chrome OS. This might spark a change in the software to be less web-based, with a little more umph to it. This may not be the case though, because Google might continue to campaign that the point of Chrome OS is to be simple and web-based. Either way, ChromeBoxes signal a new era in Google's operating system that proves its got the backing.

Chrome OS is an operating system that, frankly, I don't believe in. You just don't have many options or benefits that you wouldn't see on a regular Windows computer. If you want it just to be simple, then good for you, but I believe that Google should put on their big-boy pants and create an operating system that rally is functional, not just easy. I would love to see my favorite company get a share in the computer business, but I just can't see that happening with the current state of Chrome OS.

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