Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Reinvented Mac Pro

If you've never heard about Mac Pro before, you're probably in the majority. The Mac Pro is not, as many people mistake it when I am working, the MacBook Pro. The Mac Pro is a next level desktop that Apple makes. These models have a reputation for huge hardware built into them, so much so that they are outrageously expensive and are often not sold at any traditional electronics retailer. Compared to a PC that you can build, the hardware isn't too great, especially looking at the price comparison, but the Pro incorporates the "Appleness" you can't put in your own computer, and that's why I am here to convince you that the Mac Pro is the best looking computer in its class.

For one, the Mac Pro was completely redesigned to the most bizarre shape I've seen in a computer. It's a cylinder. The computer has a small back area cut out where it has holes for the appropriate ports of course, but other than that its a shiny, metallic cylinder. When you compare that to the old version of the Mac Pro, it becomes even more defined. The old ones were big and boxy. It was exciting with those because you could almost see the power in the big casing. With the new Mac Pro, you don't expect it to run even close to the technology it actually has. Oh yeah, did I mention it was small? It's about the size of a person's head.

Now onto what's actually in this neat little package. It's running a 3.7 GHz processor in the lower model. Oddly enough, in the higher end model its running 3.5 GHz, but it has more cores so it makes up for the deficiency. Basically, if you don't know about cores, they are what actually process programs, so the more there are, the faster the group can process the program. It also packs in a hefty 12 and 16 GB of RAM in there, which is pretty heavy, and would not in almost any circumstance be reached during regular home use. Otherwise, 256 GB SSD and some decent graphics cards. Overall, the lower model will set you back about $3000 and the higher model a good $4000. Not at all a cheap computer, especially considering you could build a computer like it for around $1000, but again, it probably wouldn't look as cool.

So long story short, the new Mac Pro was a much needed innovation in terms of looks that Apple is really lacking right now. The creativity to pack everything into the small little cylinder had to have been amazing. Here's my second critical moment of Apple though. In my opinion, they need this same crativity in their software. I have yet to really enjoy Mac beyond its cleanliness. I find it hard to actually "do" anything. Plus, Apple, you REALLY need to start making touch-screen laptops. Please, or you are going to lose out to Windows.

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