Saturday, February 1, 2014

New generation: LG G Flex

Every year sees a giant increase in the quality and ability o mobile devices, especially phones. This year has been specifically eventful. We had the HTC One, HTC's flagship that was a very solid phone, the very popular Samsung Galaxy S4, the Motorola Moto X which gave the first phone customization chosen by users, and the iPhone 5S, the newest in the Apple line-up. The latest is the LG G Flex, a curved phone with a secret.

The G Flex is the first phone to actually include a curved display, a feature that has been rumored for months, and many companies have been researching it, including Apple. The idea behind the curved display is that its supposed to make it easier to handle and more ergonomic when using it. Whether I believe this is really going to be determined when I try it for the first time, hopefully in the next week here if all goes as planned. I definitely get the concept, but I'm dubious as if it will actually work.

The second really unique feature in the G Flex is its self-healing back. Yes, self-healing. People have taken a knife and keys, scratched the back, and after a little while, the phone looks as if nothing has happened. This is because LG used a new material on the back that can handle small scratches like this. Its far from a perfect model of this new technology, but its pretty cool for a first step. It can also be bent and work completely fine, hence the "flex" in the name.

LG is really doing well this year, with the Nexus 5, LG G2, and now the G Flex. As a phone comapany who used to make horrible, boxy phones I really admire them. They've really been able to improve from a point where I was reading that they were likely to go out of business. I salute you, LG.

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